Why we use yii2 for web development?

“Being a good framework, Yii2 genuinely helps in creating modern web applications, and ensure that all of them performs well. It does a lot of heavy lifting for you by creating testable and secure websites for you.”

Easy to Install

For web developers, time is money, and no one wants to spend their precious time on a complicated installation and configuration process.

Highly Extensible

Yii is like a suit that looks great off of the rack, but is also very easy to tailor to fit your needs. Virtually every component of the framework is extensible.

Utilizes Modern Technologies

Yii is a pure OOP framework, and takes advantage of some of PHP’s more advanced features, including late static binding, SPL classes and interfaces, and anonymous functions.

Encourages Testing

Yii is tightly integrated with Codeception. Codeception is a great PHP testing framework that helps simplify the process of cre/2021/03/24/why-we-use-yii2-for-web-development/ating unit, functional and acceptance tests for your application.

Simplifies Security

Security is a crucial part of any web application, and fortunately Yii has some great features to help ease your mind.Yii comes with a Security application component that exposes several methods to help assist in creating a more secure application. Some of the more useful methods are:generatePasswordHash,validatePassword,generateRandomKey.

Shorten Development Time

Most projects involve a certain amount of repetitive tasks that no one wants to waste time with. Yii gives us a few tools to help you spend less time on those tasks like Models,Controllers,Forms,Modules,Extensions,CRUD controller actions and views.


Yii offers a number of security mechanisms such as XSS, Cross Site Scripting and also CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) prevention.

Easy to Tune for Better Performance

Everybody knows that a slow website creates disgruntled users, so Yii provides you with several tools to help you squeeze more speed out of your application. All Yii’s cache components extend from yii/caching/Cache, which allows you to choose whichever caching system you want while using a common API. You can even register multiple cache components simultaneously. Yii currently supports database and file system caching, as well as APC, Memcache, Redis, WinCache, XCache and Zend Data Cache.


The foremost and very important change in Yii 2.0 is the use of Namespaces. All the core classes are now namespaced. The class names do not use the “C” prefix. The use of Namespace improves the way Yii codes are written avoiding or limiting ambiguity in class names, evading in-identifier grouping for hierarchy and naming conflicts. The Yii class loader lets the developers use any core class of Yii without explicitly including that class file.


Caching is a very effective way to improve the performance of a web application. It helps in reducing the response time and improves the speed and performance of the web application. Yii allows easy integration of a cache application component.Yii provides various cache components such as:cMemCache,cDummyCache,cFileCache.

Huge Community Support

Yii has a great community support. It offers various features like forums and discussion groups, live chat, news, and hall of fame. There is a feature of adding badges wherein; developers can earn badges by meeting the certain set criteria. The criteria are mentioned at Yii Framework community. There is also unlimited support available in the form of various plugins and other components.

Easy Data Migration

The migration utility provides reasonable control over the database changes, which helps in upgrading and downgrading application version on different installations.

Gii, a CRUD generator: reduced hand coding

This extension provides a Web-based code generator, called Gii, for Yii framework 2.0 applications. You can use Gii to quickly generate models, forms, modules, CRUD, etc.

Low entry barrier: Easy-to-learn

Developers describe Yii as the most simple PHP framework. Documentation is written in a very easy, understandable way, open-source community is there to answer a learners’ questions, and, generally, to start coding in Yii developers require a few days.

Integration with RESTful API : Quick development of mobile and single-page apps

Yii’s features allow quick prototyping on the basis of common APIs, and it’s very easy to build a set of to connect, for instance, with Angular or React Native and build a mobile app or to AMP to make site’s pages mobile-friendly in few clicks. Routes for data streams are created automatically and are easily customized.

Easy to Debug

It is easy to debug the program code in this framework because it has a very simple format. Some of the additional features like role-based and the built-in user authentication process make the development part much easier and faster.

MVC Architecture

The MVC architecture that is included in Yii assists the PHP developers in creating a technically smart application. This further assists in keeping the server database isolated from the view only state and renders it to be cleaner and much more effective. The controller that is instilled in this framework helps in managing different libraries and packages at the time of development.

Themes and Designs

This framework is full of many attractive themes and designs that assist the developers in developing a uniquely designed website. It has a well-designed controller which helps in linking different libraries and packages that eventually help in decreasing the programming load of the developer.

No Repetitive code writing

One of the most important and special advantages of Yii framework is that it empowers the developers to be liberated from repetitive code writing.

Supports OOP

With Yii, it gets easy to debug the program because of its simpler code format. Also, the OOPs allow the developer to add different extensions and widgets as per requirement.