CrmProMax with its modern design and powerful features, is an excellent choice for businesses looking to streamline tasks and adopt a customer-centric approach, from project management to customer support
  • Boost Your Business

    CrmProMax provides companies of all kinds, from solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, the ability to perform better and present themselves to clients as more professional. Its simple, modern design creates the foundation for a customer-focused strategy

  • End-to-end Project Management

    Simply manage and invoice for your projects using our leading self-hosted Customer Relationship Management software. Connect tasks to different aspects of CrmProMax to stay on top of things, monitor development, and produce outcomes.

  • Customer support excellence

    Our reliable support system includes an auto-import feature for tickets, reminders and notifications. We allow you to resolve issues faster and increase customer satisfaction to new heights.

  • Billing and Time Tracking

    Track task time accurately and bill your customers accordingly. All within CrmProMax, assign multiple staff members to tasks and monitor timers per assigned staff.


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    Project Management: The powerful project management feature allows you to
    manage and invoice projects.

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    Invoice Creation in One Click: Create professional-looking invoices. Attach files
    and send them to your clients directly, including the invoice PDF.
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    Estimate Creation: Create an estimate in under a minute. Send it to your
    customers and wait for them to accept
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    Leads Management: You can keep track of leads and follow their progress easily.
    Attach files, convert leads to customers, automatically import leads from email,
    create proposals and leave notes.
Why CrmProMax


  • Effortless Invoicing Easy Billing

    Create professional and visually appealing estimates and invoices with ease using CrmProMax

  • Lead Management Simplified

    Organise leads centrally, add notes, create compelling proposals, and automate lead imports from email

  • Increase Revenue with Proposals

    To improve sales and increase your chances of closing deals. Create visually appealing proposals

  • Expense Tracking

    Accurately track business and project expenses, then quickly turn them into invoices for customers.

  • Insightful CRM

    Use CrmProMax’s strong CRM features to acquire deeper insights into your customers’ preferences

  • Customer Retention

    Customer Retention Using Surveys. Increase customer retention with built-in survey capabilities

  • Effective Communication

    Announcements keep your employees and customers informed. Improve communication and engagement.

  • Customer Retention

    Customer Retention Using Surveys. Increase customer retention with built-in survey capabilities

  • Secure Contracts

    With the Contracts feature in CrmProMax, you can lock in current and future sales. Helps to improve sales

  • Global Payments

    Receive payments from PayPal and Stripe in a variety of currencies with ease.

  • Personalized Calendars

    Enjoy stunning calendars for each staff member based on their permissions.

  • Configurability

    CrmProMax provides an array of configurable options adapted to your specific business needs.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, NanoSoft has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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The customer-centric approach indicates the system will most likely focus on improving the customer experience and helping businesses develop stronger relationships with their customers


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    Amazing Proposals

    Make attractive proposals to impress potential clients or customers. Use the powerful editor to include images, tables, and YouTube videos. Comments on proposals enabled further discussion with the customer

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    Record Expenses and Payments

    Keep track of business expenses and payments. Set up a recurring expense, and the expense will be created automatically after the specified period. Customers can pay you via Paypal and Stripe.

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    Surveys to Customers

    Make surveys and impress new clients. By adding your query, you can increase the productivity of your company. Generate mail lists and send surveys to leads, customers and staff members.

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    Built-in Staff Tasks

    Divide duties to different employees. Make the tasks easier. Include task attachments, allow task comments, and add task followers.

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    24/7 Support System

    Excellent support with auto-response. Private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket responses etc are all available

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    Contract Management

    Contracts can be used to secure current and feature sales. Create PDF documents in seconds and send them to your customers using the built-in sending contracts feature.

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