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Scratch Card Strategy in Mobile Shop


Scratch Card Strategy in Mobile Shop

The Impact of Scratch Card Strategy on Customer Experience in Mobile Shops

Technological advancements have simplified our lives nowadays. We may now easily converse or video chat with anyone worldwide by simply moving our fingertips. As one of the most frequently used and sold pieces of consumer technology, mobile phones are regarded as an important human creation. Today, more than half of the world’s countries and more than 90% of the population own a mobile phone.
Marketing is vital for the success of today’s businesses in this competitive environment. The primary goal of marketing is to fulfil and satisfy the needs of target clients and buyers. A satisfied consumer is an advantage to every business. Let’s look at the scratch card approach and how it affects the customer experience at Mobile Business

Variables Affecting A Mobile Purchasing Decision

Understanding and ranking the market’s characteristics influencing customer purchasing behaviour is crucial. Brand, cost, features, applications, quality, durability, social factors, peer pressure, and other factors influence how customers choose between competing firms to place their orders. As a result, a business must understand the factors that impact consumers while making a mobile purchasing decision.

Scratch Card Gifting in Mobile Shops

  1. An emotional Connection
    Today, cellphone stores prioritise creating long-term connections above simply selling phones. Good customer service can help retailers to make good relationships with their customers. Offering scratch cards enhances and surprises the client experience. Consider presenting a scratch card to a potential customer who came to your store hoping to win special deals, presents, or expensive accessories. Scratching and winning leaves a favourable impression, connection, and hope.
  2.  Creates a lasting impression
    The excitement of obtaining a scratch card connects you to the showroom. Customers who receive a present after leaving the shop will recall the event afterwards.
  3.  Creating moments to share
    Social media became an effective communication tool today. If a consumer wins a spectacular prize when using a scratch card, they are likely to post about it on social media. This web exposure promotes your dealership’s commitment to customer satisfaction and your innovative strategy.
  4. Personalisation that goes above and beyond the usual
    It’s all about customisation these days. Through scratch cards, mobile businesses can personalise rewards based on consumer preferences. Customers want to receive discounts tailored to their specific demands, whether it’s a price reduction or complimentary accessories.


The Advantages of Employing Scratch Cards Technique in Mobile Shops

  •  Outstanding Customer Loyalty
    The use of scratch card giving aids in the development of a loyal consumer base. Customers that feel valued and appreciated are more likely to return to your showroom and refer friends.
  •  Statistics derived from data
    Scratch card campaign data can provide useful information about client preferences and behaviours. It can be used to better marketing methods, tailor offers, and provide a more personalised experience.
  • Making a mark in a crowded market
    In a crowded market, being distinctive is critical. With a scratch card, you may distinguish yourself from your competitors, give your showroom a distinct advantage, and
    market your company as forward-thinking and customer-focused.

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